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EFT Dongle Version 2.7 Online Update 2 Is Released Added more features 04/06/2019

Thảo luận trong 'Box - Dongle Update' bắt đầu bởi huanit, 5/6/19.

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    EFT Dongle New Update 04/06/2019
    Software V2.7
    What is New ?
    VERSION 2.7 Online Update 2 IS RELEASED:
    [SAMSUNG] [EXCLUSIVE] Added more supported models to ONE-CLICK feature to remove (FRP - Reset ScreenLock - CALL ME - SAMSUNG ACCOUNT - MDM ) on (FRP ON / OEM ON):
    SM-G935F U5 SD2 8.0.0
    SM-G930F U5 SD2 8.0.0
    SM-A510F U8 SE1 7.0
    SM-J730FXW U4 SD1 8.1.0

    [MTK] Added new supported models (Reset FRP - Reset ScreenLock - Dump - Flash):
    INFINIX X624

    KARBONN-A101 (A101 3G DS)
    KARBONN-A119 (A119 3G DS)
    KARBONN-A12+ (A12 Plus 3G DS)
    KARBONN-A12 Star (A12 Star 3G DS)
    KARBONN-A14+ (A14 Plus 3G DS)
    KARBONN-A16 (A16 3G DS)
    KARBONN-A18+ (A18 Plus 3G DS)
    KARBONN-A19 (A19 3G DS)
    KARBONN-A19+ (A19 Plus 3G DS)
    KARBONN-A20 (A20 3G DS)
    KARBONN-A240 (A240 3G DS)
    KARBONN-A34 Lite (A34 Lite 3G)
    KARBONN-A52+ (A52 Plus 3G DS)
    KARBONN-A5s (A5s 3G DS)
    KARBONN-A6 (A6 3G DS)
    KARBONN-A90s (A90s 3G DS)
    KARBONN-A93 (A93 3G DS)
    KARBONN-A99 (A99 3G DS)
    KARBONN-Alfa A120 (Alfa A120 3G DS)
    KARBONN-Alfa A99 (Alfa A99 3G DS)
    KARBONN-Aura Power (Aura Power LTE DS)
    KARBONN-Aura Power 4G Plus (Aura Power 4G Plus)
    KARBONN-Aura Sleek 4G (Aura Sleek 4G LTE DS)
    KARBONN-Fashion Eye (Fashion Eye 3G DS)
    KARBONN-Fashion Eye 5.5 (Fashion Eye 5.5 LTE DS)
    KARBONN-Frames S9 (Frames S9 LTE DS)
    KARBONN-K7206 (K7206 3G DS)
    KARBONN-K9 Kavatch 4G (K9 Kavatch 4G LTE DS)
    KARBONN-K9 Music 4G (K9 Music 4G LTE DS)
    KARBONN-K9 Smart 4G (K9 Smart 4G LTE DS)
    KARBONN-K9 Smart 512M (K9 Smart 512M 3G DS)
    KARBONN-K9 Smart 1GB (K9 Smart 1GB 3G DS)
    KARBONN-K9 Smart Selfie (K9 Smart Selfie LTE DS)
    KARBONN-K9 Smart Yuva2 (K9 Smart Yuva 2 LTE DS)
    KARBONN-K9 Viraat 1GB (K9 Viraat 1GB 3G DS)
    KARBONN-K9 Viraat 2GB (K9 Viraat 2GB 3G DS)
    KARBONN-K9 Viraat 4G (K9 Viraat LTE DS)
    KARBONN-Max2 Plus (Max 2 Plus 3G DS)
    KARBONN-Octane (Octane 3G DS)
    KARBONN-Octane+ (Octane+ 3G DS)
    KARBONN-Platinum P9 (Platinum P9 3G DS)
    KARBONN-Platinum P9 2018 (Platinum P9 LTE DS)
    KARBONN-Quattro L45 (Quatro L45 IPS LTE DS)
    KARBONN-Quattro L50 (Quatro L50 HD LTE DS)
    KARBONN-Quattro L51 (Quatro L51 HD LTE DS)
    KARBONN-Quattro L52 (Quatro L52 VR LTE DS)
    KARBONN-Quattro L55 (Quatro L55 HD LTE DS)
    KARBONN-Sparkle V (Sparkle V 3G DS)
    KARBONN-Titanium E740 (E740 3G DS)
    KARBONN-Titanium Frames S7 (Frames S7 LTE DS)
    KARBONN-Titanium Hexa (Hexa 3G DS)
    KARBONN-Titanium Jumbo V03+ (Jumbo V03+ LTE DS)
    KARBONN-Titanium MachFive (MachFive 3G DS)
    KARBONN-Titanium MachOne+ (MachOne+ 3G DS)
    KARBONN-Titanium MachSixVR (MachSix VR 3G DS)
    KARBONN-Titanium Octane (Octane 3G DS)
    KARBONN-Titanium Octane+ (Octane Plus 3G DS)
    KARBONN-Titanium S10 (S10 3G DS)
    KARBONN-Titanium S19 (S19 3G DS)
    KARBONN-Titanium S2 (S2 3G DS)
    KARBONN-Titanium S2+ (S2 Plus 3G DS)
    KARBONN-Titanium S20 (S20 3G DS)
    KARBONN-Titanium S5+ (S5 Plus 3G DS)
    KARBONN-Titanium S310 (MachOne S310 3G DS)
    KARBONN-Titanium S7 (S7 3G DS)
    KARBONN-Titanium S9 (S9 3G DS)
    KARBONN-Titanium S99 (S99 3G DS)
    KARBONN-Titanium Vista (Vista 3G DS)
    KARBONN-Titanium Vista 4G (Vista 4G LTE DS)
    KARBONN-Titanium X (Titanium X 3G DS)
    KARBONN-V5006AG (Jumbo LTE DS)

    VIVO-Y83 PRO

    XBO-A1 (A1 LTE DS)
    XBO-A10 (A10 LTE DS)
    XBO-A11 (A11 LTE DS)
    XBO-A12 (A12 LTE DS)
    XBO-F4 (F4 3G DS)
    XBO-F5 (F5 3G DS)
    XBO-F6 (F6 3G DS)
    XBO-F7 (F7 3G DS)
    XBO-F8 (F8 3G DS
    XBO-G5 (G5 3G DS)
    XBO-G6 (G6 3G DS)
    XBO-J8 (J8 3G DS)
    XBO-K16 (K16 3G DS)
    XBO-K18 (K18 3G DS)
    XBO-Kivi1s (KiVi 1s 3G DS)
    XBO-KiviCanvas (KiVi Canvas 3G DS)
    XBO-KiviV8 (KiVi V8 3G DS)
    XBO-KiviX (KiVi X 3G DS)
    XBO-M1 (M1 3G DS)
    XBO-M1 4G (M1 LTE DS)
    XBO-M2 (M2 3G DS)
    XBO-M2 4G (M2 LTE DS)
    XBO-M3 (M3 3G DS)
    XBO-Mate1 (Mate 1 3G DS)
    XBO-Mate3Plus (Mate 3 Plus 3G DS)
    XBO-Mate5 (Mate 5 3G DS)
    XBO-Mate9 (Mate 9 3G DS)
    XBO-Max5 (Max 5 3G DS)
    XBO-Max7S (Max 7S 3G DS)
    XBO-MaxPlus (Max Plus 3G DS)
    XBO-Q25 (Q25 3G DS)
    XBO-Q30 (Q30 3G DS)
    XBO-R8 (R8 3G DS)
    XBO-S5 (S5 3G DS)
    XBO-S7 (S7 3G DS)
    XBO-S7 Plus (S7 Plus 3G DS)
    XBO-Smart1 (Smart 1 3G DS)
    XBO-Smart2 (Smart 2 3G DS)
    XBO-Super1 (Super 1 3G DS)
    XBO-Super2 (Super 2 3G DS)
    XBO-Super3 (Super 3 3G DS)
    XBO-Super5 (Super 5 3G DS)
    XBO-Super6 (Super 6 3G DS)
    XBO-Super7 (Super 7 3G DS)
    XBO-Super8 (Super 8 3G DS)
    XBO-Super9 (Super 9 3G DS)
    XBO-Super10 (Super 10 3G DS)
    XBO-Super11 (Super 11 3G DS)
    XBO-Tiger5.1 (Tiger 5.1 3G DS)
    XBO-Tiger6.0 (Tiger 6.0 3G DS)
    XBO-U5 (U5 3G DS)
    XBO-U6 (U6 3G DS)
    XBO-U8 (U8 3G DS)
    XBO-V1 (V1 3G DS)
    XBO-V17E (V17E 3G DS)
    XBO-V8 (V8 3G DS)
    XBO-V8 Plus (V8 Plus 3G DS)
    XBO-X21 Pro (X21 Pro 3G DS)
    YEPEN-5AY5 (5A(Y5) LTE DS)
    YEPEN-A30 (A30 LTE DS)

    ZOPO-6560 (6560 3G DS)
    ZOPO-8510 (8510 3G DS)
    ZOPO-9515 (9515 3G DS)
    ZOPO-9530 (9530 3G DS)
    ZOPO-Color C2 (Color C2 3G DS)
    ZOPO-Color C3 (Color C3 LTE DS)
    ZOPO-Color E1 (Color E1 3G DS)
    ZOPO-Color F1 (Color F1 3G DS)
    ZOPO-Color F2 (Color F2 LTE DS)
    ZOPO-Color F3 (Color F3 3G DS)
    ZOPO-Color F5 (Color F5 LTE DS)
    ZOPO-Flash X3 (Flash X3 LTE DS)
    ZOPO-Hero2 (Hero 2 LTE DS)
    ZOPO-P5000 (P5000 LTE DS)
    ZOPO-Y23 (Flash X2i 3G DS)
    ZOPO-Z5000 (Z5000 LTE DS)
    ZOPO-ZP1000 (ZP1000 3G DS)
    ZOPO-ZP1000S (ZP1000S 3G DS)
    ZOPO-ZP17100 (Flash X1i 3G DS)
    ZOPO-ZP17105 (Flash X1 LTE DS)
    ZOPO-ZP1795 (Flah X2 3G DS)
    ZOPO-ZP320 (ZP320 3G DS)
    ZOPO-ZP330 (Color C LTE DS)
    ZOPO-ZP331 (Color C1 3G DS)
    ZOPO-ZP350 (Color E LTE DS)
    ZOPO-ZP351 (Color S5 LTE DS)
    ZOPO-ZP353 (Color E1 3G DS)
    ZOPO-ZP370 (Color S5.5 LTE DS)
    ZOPO-ZP520 (ZP520 3G DS)
    ZOPO-ZP530 (ZP530 LTE DS)
    ZOPO-ZP530+ (Flash C LTE DS)
    ZOPO-ZP550 Hero1 (Hero 1 LTE DS)
    ZOPO-ZP550 Speed7C (Speed 7C LTE DS)
    ZOPO-ZP567 (Color C5i 3G DS)
    ZOPO-ZP580 (ZP580 3G DS)
    ZOPO-ZP586 (Color X5.5 LTE DS)
    ZOPO-ZP587 (Color C5 LTE DS)
    ZOPO-ZP590 (ZP590 3G DS)
    ZOPO-ZP600+ (ZP600 Plus 3G DS)
    ZOPO-ZP700 (ZP700 3G DS)
    ZOPO-ZP720 (ZP720 LTE DS)
    ZOPO-ZP720+ (Flash E LTE DS)
    ZOPO-ZP780 (ZP780 3G DS)
    ZOPO-ZP781 (Flash G5 Plus LTE DS)
    ZOPO-ZP785 (Flash X Plus LTE DS)
    ZOPO-ZP810 (ZP810 3G DS)
    ZOPO-ZP820 (ZP820 3G DS)
    ZOPO-ZP910 (ZP910 LTE DS)
    ZOPO-ZP920 (ZP920 LTE DS)
    ZOPO-ZP920+ (Flash S LTE DS)
    ZOPO-ZP950+ (ZP950 Plus 3G DS)
    ZOPO-ZP951 (Speed 7 LTE DS)
    ZOPO-ZP952 Speed7GP (Speed 7GP LTE DS)
    ZOPO-ZP952 Speed7+ (Speed 7 Plus LTE DS)
    ZOPO-ZP955 (Speed 8 LTE DS)
    ZOPO-ZP980+ (ZP980 Plus 3G DS)
    ZOPO-ZP983 (Speed X LTE DS)
    ZOPO-ZP990+ (ZP990 Plus 3G DS)
    ZOPO-ZP998 (ZP998 3G DS)
    ZOPO-ZP999 (ZP999 LTE DS)

    [QUALCOMM] Added support for new devices:
    LENOVO TB-X704V (Tab 4 A10 Plus LTE)
    LENOVO TB-X704Y (Tab 4 A10 Plus LTE)
    VIVO Y71


    This Online Update No need Download Full Setup

    For New User


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