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Infinity Chinese Miracle-2 MTK/Mediatek v2.07 - New models and features

Thảo luận trong 'BOX UPDATE' bắt đầu bởi Tuanlte, 25/12/19.

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    Infinity Chinese Miracle-2 MTK/Mediatek v2.07 - New models and features

    As you know Infinty Team work hard and silently, but results of silent work may exceed any expectation.
    It takes more that hour to prepare list of changes so you can imagine how much time takes a work itself.
    Let's respect silent hard work instead of everyday's bla-bla (like many others do).

    Thank you to be with us during last 15 years !

    List of changes for v2.07:


    NewSOC : MT6785 support under test
    NewSOC : MT6885 support under test
    Changed : Protocol updated for RAPHAEL line
    Changed : Protocol updated for LEGACY line
    BugFix : MT6752 support fixed
    BugFix : MT8172/MT8173/MT8176 BROM support fixed
    BugFix : MT6570 support fixed
    Changed : EMI engine revised
    Changed : AutomaticBoot selection revised. More types and combinations are supported.
    Changed : Loader v1924 supported and tested
    Changed : Loader v1936 supported and tested
    Changed : Loader v1944 supported and tested

    Flasher :
    New feature: unmerged signature support
    - Files with external signatures now flash correctly
    New feature: Forced mode for Raphael line
    - Allow automatically skip repartition, erase operations if it was not allowed without break flashing
    New feature: WHOLE Flash Pre-Erase
    - Erase whole USER region. Destroy ALL data include unique and secure one! Support both Modern and Legacy lines.
    Changed: Repartition procedure rebuild to support modern devices and special cases (user memory issues and other fixes)
    New feature: Smart erase
    - In manual mode selection and enabled pre-erase all unchecked partitions will not be touched
    - Storage boundary checks now works correct on legacy and modern lines

    Firmware Reader / Maker:
    Changed: Local DB updated to latest version
    Changed: Scatter creation support latest platforms and variants
    Changed: Scatter compatibility with SPFT optimized ( for DL only mode )
    New feature: FileSystem creation and params now generated according Android version
    New feature: Ability to skip "critical" partitions verification during read ( bl-unlocked devices and specific cases )

    New feature: Switch working mode ( ADR - PRT options in global settings ) without tool restart (no need to exit and run software again)
    New feature: Error ignoring on RAPHAEL line devices. Errors are not triggers shutdown anymore.
    Changed: Update PMT operation rebuild. Support modern devices and use multiple factors now.
    Changed: Init preloader operation. Support plain preloader dumps that was created by MemoryTool.
    Changed: Partition listing style on LEGACY devices. In case of protected regions do not triggered shutdown anymore.
    Changed: Write operation now handle correctly some sparse images used in Android 9 and newer versions

    BugFix: Format FS procedure updated
    BugFix: Reset FRP procedure updated
    BugFix: Identify procedure updated and revised
    New feature: eMMC life counter check during Identify
    - Show, if possible by Agent or HW, storage life status. LifeCycleEnd(ReadOnly), LifeCycleNearEnd states.
    - Support only Raphael newer than MT6739. Support NAND devices as well ( MT6570 )

    New feature: Reset Privacy Locks
    - Support old and modern devices. Procedure is USERDATA SAFE if that required

    Base Loader v1924 included
    Base Loader v1936 included
    Base Loader v1944 included
    New TECNO sec agents included
    New VIVO sec agents included
    New ALCATEL sec agents included
    New Hisense sec agents included
    New Moto sec agents included
    New Huawei sec agents included
    New Lenovo agents included
    And other different and generic models can be found in list

    Changed: Base DB revised, unused and "buggy" types removed from BASE agents.
    - Change settings if DA version not contain your device platform
    Changed: EMIDb updated, more types supported
    Changed: Preloader parser now shows more complete memory details

    Thanks to:
    Special thanks to respected Mr. gracy_elec
    Special thanks to respected Mr. Kamal_singla

    Discussion and download links are HERE

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