LG update (18. June 2019) - Safe-IMEI Repair for MTK models

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    Dear Chimera Tool Users,

    To make our software better for you, we bring updates regularly. Every update of our software includes improvements for stability and bugfixes.
    If you have any feedback or run into issues, come find us at our live support, we are happy to help you.

    Software version: 21.47.0820
    Release date: 18. June 2019

    Added Safe-IMEI Repair for the following LG MTK models:
    • LG Q7 (LM-Q610EA, LM-Q610EM, LM-Q610EMW, LM-Q610ZM)
    • LG K10 (LG-M250AR, LG-M250DS, LG-M250DSN, LG-M250E, LG-M250F, LG-M250H, LG-M250I, LG-M250K, LG-M250N, LG-M250Y)
    • LG X Power 2 (LG-M320, LG-M320F, LG-M320H, LG-M320N, LG-M320TV)

    More info about the Reworked IMEI repair functions HERE


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