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    Operation    : Reset FRP
    Checking for existing devices...Not Found
    Turn Off phone, hold Vol UP + Vol DOWN and insert USB cable.
    Some phones may need Special Boot Cable or TestPoint for EDL mode.
    Found Port    : HS-USB Diagnostics 9008 (COM30)
    Driver Info    : Mobile, qcusbser.sys,
    Connecting to phone...OK
    Waiting for response...OK
    Init Handshake Sequence...OK
    Hardware ID    : E1600400 [8953] 00000000
    OPK_DATA    : 079E496E26A477B120DFCD85DF7E4AD067164D8292DDD379930D5891E3D8240B
    Initializing Protocol...OK
    Using Auto Loader Selection [1]
    Preparing Loader...Done
    Sending Loader [8953]...Done
    Executing Loader...OK
    Detecting Chip Type...OK
    Hardware    : 8953, eMMC, 64 GB
    LU Count    : 1 [0x0747C000]
    WARNING! High Speed Driver is not installed.
    Please install driver from QcFire\Drivers folder using Device Manager.
    Payload Info    : In: 65536 [4096], Out: 1048576, Sector Size: 512
    Reading Partition Table...OK
    Reading Device Information...OK
    Device    : Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite
    Software    : PKQ1.180917.001.V10.0.7.0.PDLMIXM, V10.0.7.0.PDLMIXM [Mon Mar 18 16:20:48 WIB 2019]
    Android Ver.    : 9
    Patch Level    : 2019-03-05
    Resetting FRP Lock......Done
    Operation Finished.

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